Combivent Going off Market

mselaineous, Dec 25, 7:59am
definately going off market. Affects the ozone layer so caput!

dragongirl2, Dec 25, 10:15am
While Combivent is being discontinued, both active ingredients in the inhaler are still going to be available, just in their original forms (i.e. ventolin and atrovent).While it is a pain to change your routines with medications, take it as an oppertunity to review your medications with your doctor.Many people are not on the optimal medications, and esp with steriods, more does not mean better as at a certain level the benefits plateau and increasing them does not improve control, but increases side effects.Spiriva is great, but not all will qualify for it.You could also ask your pharmacisit if they do medication reviews -some have a special interest in respiratory pharmacology and would be happy to help.Good luck.

fogs, Dec 26, 12:03am
I saw my dr on Wednesday and the combivent inhaler is being replaced with a new one called duo.something it is exactly the same but a new name both drugs will be in it at the same strengths. It will be freely available as of the point combivent is withdrawn

mselaineous, Dec 24, 8:30am
What are we going to replace it with! I am allergic to many things. God help us all who need this. I have COPD. Ventolin alone closes my Tubes. I am so scared.

cwhit, Dec 24, 8:58am
My sister and neighbour are both on sprivia and it is like a miracle drug, they have never felt better.I think it costs a lot so have to meet special needsto receive this drug.

jase.and.jules, Dec 24, 8:58am
Go and see your specialist

gardie, Dec 24, 9:04am
I'm on combivent too - will be interesting to see what it is replaced with.I wonder if there will be something instead or whether it will be necessary to go back to a previous medicine.

mselaineous, Dec 24, 9:12am
Iam allergic to spireva so cannot take that

geldof, Dec 24, 9:41am
Is it going off the market, or just no longer subsidised!

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