Internet product seller rip-offs - WHO ARE THEY!

cinnar, Dec 25, 7:14am
Strawberry net are great for delivery but products can be copies so id rather pay a little extra and get the genuine thing that I know is what it says it is inside

ree05, Dec 25, 11:16am
StrawberryNet - I agree with all the other posters, they are fantastic, used them for years, one problem in all that time and as others have said, product was replaced easily and didn't have to send product back, and Cinnar you are talking rubbish, their products ARE all genuine 100%, I am a long time user, all sorts of products, all 100% fresh and genuine.

gneel1, Dec 26, 1:43am
Utter nonsense. "Cosmetic Companies" like to use that line or like to say it's old stock. Truth is we pay a huge mark up over here for cosmetics and they hate having to compete.
I have brought over 50 products from Strawberrynet and have never had a problem.
In fact once I never received an item and they reshipped at no cost.
I love my fragrance and they have a fantastic range of items that we just don't get here.

sirhugh, Dec 23, 12:02am
Most of the very occasional internet purchases I have made, have resulted in hard work to get products to arrive, money back, etc.
My recent experience:

(1) Mantrap (NZ) Ltd : took my money through their website, but didn't fill the order. Only found out when I asked why the late arrival, and am having to chase them up. Not good.

(2) StrawberryNet : just google "Strawberrynet scam", and you'll get the whole sorry picture about them! Not worth risking when something goes wrong.

beetle18, Dec 23, 1:09am
Sorry you have had a bad experience with Strawberry net. I have made about 30 purchases from them over several years, the most recent being about 10 days ago (now arrived safely), and have found them excellent. What was your experience!

beetle18, Dec 23, 1:21am
fragranceX has very good prices and free shipping too, but their delivery times are so slow that i have decided not to use them again - this was my experience about 5 months ago, so they have possibly improved. the goods did turn up eventually though.

Ethique, a local company, has wonderful products but very poor customer service (my experience about 4 months ago - once again, could have improvedby now - hope so as I wish them well as a local enterprise) and I wouldn't buy from them again either unless there was a big improvement on the customer service, communication anddelivery fronts.

Health Post in Golden Bay is fantastic for on line health and beauty products.

clangie, Dec 23, 1:43am
dont bash strawberrynet !- i have been with them for years - they are amazing! have only ever had one problem that was promptly sorted, i kept the product and got a full refund - cant ask for more than that!

scarlettnz, Dec 23, 2:14am
I've purchased many, many items (probably in excess of 40) over the years I've traded with Strawberrynet and have never had any issues (nor have any of my friends and colleagues who all use this website).Their service is quick and hassle free.

What problems did you have with them!

bookshelves, Dec 23, 3:19am
healthpost is AWESOME .

han0007, Dec 23, 4:37am
Another one with to promote StrawberryNet - I am over 50 purchases in my time using their site - and have only ever had one problem with something where the pump didn't pump the product out, and they promptly sent me a replacement and didn't have to worry about sending the faulty product back either - always arrives within a week, and is quite a lot cheaper than retail by the time you get the discounts.

tinkerrbelle, Dec 23, 6:15am
I have noticed many products at Man-trap are OLD STOCK and sold well above the recommended retail prices.

For example, there are several limited edition Clarins products I brought between 2006 - 2008 at full retail from a Clarins store.Checking the retail sticker prices I paid, Mantrap are charging up to 50% extra over and above the full RRP, and of they charge shipping on top and don't give out Gift with Purchases you often get from a retail store.

And you can imagine that those products that were promoted during 2006 - 2008 may probably at the end of their shelf life now and could be potentially unsafe before you've even opened it.Preservatives don't work forever.

tinkerrbelle, Dec 23, 6:22am
Lifepharmacy has gone without a hitch for me so far.

eljayv, Dec 23, 8:45am
This month placed order with Strawberry net which arrived in three days.They are reliable and prompt.Healthpost are great too.

sleyle, Dec 23, 10:31am
Trader on here called Fiso - he sold me a sugar baby kit, it never arrived and he would not reply to any of my emails, and to date have still not got the goods or a refund.

jag5, Dec 23, 6:55pm
The Acai Berry website from America.I got caught.don't go there.

robbie42, Dec 23, 7:44pm
strawberrynet are awesome. I have used them many times and recommended to friends who love it also.

chrisandco, Dec 24, 1:21am
Ive never had a problem with strawberrynet here either & used them many times over the years, what was your bad experience with them!

holly-rocks, Dec 24, 5:04am
Hello :) I have heard only good about your products!

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