Pay it forward

lawz_21, Dec 26, 12:53pm
I have a few items of clothing ranging from size small to size 14. I would like to offer them FREE to anyone preferable in wellington.
I would however appreciate if you make a small donation to a charity of your choice, i see it as passing a good deed forward :)
if you would like postage i will need you to pay for it tho

Have tops, hoodys,pants,a skirt and a couple of dresses.Also have a tonne of magazines,belts etc

trader_spence, Dec 26, 6:38pm
What a lovely idea lawz :)

If I were you I would set up an auction with a very low Buy Now, just to keep Trade Me happy - or you could make it high enough and donate the fee to the charity of YOUR choice (which would be nicer) and get the winners contact details the 'legal' way.

Just don't mention the words "free" in your heading, if you do Trade Me will most likelyremove it, they are not villains but this is a business for them and they don't (unfortunately) allow us to advertise givaways.

I still think it's a lovely idea though. Good on you and a Happy New Year :)

lawz_21, Dec 26, 6:43pm
thanks for that ill get some pictures soon and get it started :)

litlal, Dec 26, 6:52pm
or you could use Freecycle and rely on the community spirit of the recipient helping someone else in a similar way at a suitable time

lawz_21, Dec 26, 7:06pm
thats true

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