Is it good to get sick every now and then.

obviousas, Dec 25, 4:21am
Merry Christmas to all forumers. I always wonder if it is not good to avoid getting sick. I am not referring to serious bugs/viruses that are deadly or to people who are vulnerable.

I was thinking of getting our bodies stronger, battle weary so to speak. How much of this exposure is bad for you. Can some health specialists or experts, please advise!

shadowzz, Dec 25, 4:40am

tinkerrbelle, Dec 25, 5:26am
What shadowzz said with their google search on "healing crisis" looked interesting.

To answer your question, sometimes yes, sometimes no.The rule is different for different kinds of illnesses.

1. MODERATE stresses can be good.For example, weight bearing exercise stimulates the body to create stronger, denser bones.

2. And feeling unwell can be good for you as its an excellent way for your body to let you know you should do something different.So having a hangover is a "good" sickness to have to let you know your body is saying "don't do that to me again!"Or migraines are a way to tell you to slow down and avoid the stressful life or foods consumed.

But on the other hand, over-whelming stresses on the body can just make it weaker, not stronger.Try Googling about telomeres and cell senescence.From what I understand, body cells can only divide a certain number of times to regenerate damaged tissue before they wear out and illness starts to show.Basically, over-stressing the body with illnesses doesn't make it stronger, you just get sicker older quicker.Once you've worn a knee out, you've worn it out.Continuing to damage the knee won't make it stronger.

!Merry Christmas!

obviousas, Dec 26, 8:23pm
Great reading material ( I have bookmarked the article). I am glad you are able to point me the right direction. Great advice. Thanks so much, tinkerrbelle

obviousas, Dec 26, 8:25pm
Thanks shadowzz. Some interesting articles. Glad to be able to get advice here so quickly.

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