phae, Dec 31, 12:03pm
That is very kind of you and I would have jumped at this meeting any other time, but we will have visitors then, (lose one lot and the next lot arrive).
I have saved the email and will get back to you if you dont mind when things go quiet here.

beausun, Jan 1, 9:23am
Bumping from the second page. Happy New Year, and may everyone have a great year

tracyd27, Jan 1, 8:10pm
I hope all you lovely people in Chch are OK and not to shaken up. If any of you want to get away for a weekend or something please let us know. Stay strong

kmag, Jan 1, 9:13pm
Good morning all, I am doing better now, happy to have found the thread again, I think support is what I need most of all, and sadly I chose a surgeon who just does not provide that.From tomorrow I am planning on restarting as if I had just been banded and will get back on opti for a week, two if I can stand it and will then introduce soft foods again gradually.Will head back to the surgeon once his rooms are open again and see the nurse for a top up of the band and discuss the issues I am having with travelling.have to go overseas again at the end of the month for meetings and then a week's work in Glasgow.that always makes it a bit harder as there is a lot of socialising, but I am generally unable to eat a lot after flying anyway.

beausun, Jan 1, 11:59pm
Hi kmag. Great that you have come back.At the WLS conference Katie Jay said that you can't do this alone- you need support.I think we need to keep reminding ourselves sometimes, especially those of us who are private and or very independent.Good luck with your going back to basics, I am sure it will be worth it.
The flying thing must be difficult for you- hope you can work it out so it is better for you. I know during our information evening DS said not to eat at all while flying when you have a band. Not so easy with a 24 hour flight when there is not a lot to do. It is afterwards you need strategies for though. I hope someone has some ideas for you.

sarah139, Jan 2, 1:39am
Hi all, best wishes for the new year. I've heard from the hospital that I have made it through and now have an appointment next week to discuss a surgery date! Feeling kinda excited and nervous at the same time but very pleased that I can see a light at the end of this tunnel before approaching the next one .of learning to eat again but this time properly.

dollydot, Jan 2, 1:54am
Hi caravan, I'm in Wellington too and might be interested in joining the FB group.I already go to some of DS support meetings and found the Katie Jay one really good, she is lovely! haven't been to the group at J,ville yet as don't like the place they held it at too much but maybe a nice cafe somewhere else! How do I get in touch or find the FB page! Cheers, Nicola

read-a-holic, Jan 2, 2:25am
Sarah thats great.good luck with that.

caravan8, Jan 2, 3:00am

add and message me on facebook I am Mary Caravan
or if you know Julie B she can add you.

Re the venue -its not my cup of tea either and its out of the way for me.

We are still investigating something more suitable in Petone

angelsnz, Jan 2, 5:13am
Hi Everyone, I'm having surgery with Mr Booth at the end of the Month and haven't yet decided between a Sleeve or a Band.I haven't been to any of the support meetings yet(but intend to come as soon as I can) but have been to 2 open evenings. I know I am doing the right thing having started yoyo dieting in my early 20's up until now in my early 40's but nerves are kicking in and I could do with some positive re inforcement.Do any of you guys belong to the Monthly Support group on the shore! Are there any private groups on FB! Band or Sleeve! My husband wants me to have the band but he hasn't been to any of the evenings with me and I think the sleeve would better suit my past eating behaviours.Thanks all in advance

dollydot, Jan 2, 6:50am
Thanks Mary, all done : ) Petone has lots of cafes.Bella Italia has fantastic coffee.Love it but maybe the food there is too tempting! For those that don't know it (Italian food warehouse also so gelatos and all manner of Italian specialties for sale)

caravan8, Jan 2, 6:58am
What are you having done Sarah !

caravan8, Jan 2, 6:59am
Yes, I am thinking we really want to set the right tone ! are you a bypass or band Dolly !

caravan8, Jan 2, 6:59am
We were looking at the lighthouse cinema

sarah139, Jan 2, 8:05am
caravan8 - I'm having the sleeve done. Thats what's recommended under this lot of public funding, but the docs doing it reckon they have very good results with this type of surgery. The docs are S Bann and K Wicks.

dollydot, Jan 2, 8:44am
That sounds good. We have a Lighthouse Cinema at Pauatahanui right near us here in Whitby.I haven't been to the Petone one yet but I'm sure it will be great. I'm a GBP a couple of years out. Not at goal yet unfortunately as have had some issues with regain and not able to exercise well for a while due to an arthritic knee.I've just had a total knee replacement 2 months ago and while I'm still healing it feels so much better already so soon I will be ready for anything!

tracyd27, Jun 17, 2:26am
So since the thread in O&P went poof I thought I would make a new one in here.
***Lights fire and makes it warm and cozy***

rajj, Jun 17, 3:13am
just rang them, i think after talking to the rather stony-voiced rep, that some one on the staff of trade me has voted our thread off. Whoever it was, it is now permanently gone apparently. Bugger!


chickiebabe44, Jun 17, 3:14am
Nice thinking Tracy but it has been in Opinion & Politics for years so someone might choose to keep one going in there.just a warning so you don't get offended.

tracyd27, Jun 17, 3:32am
Wont get offended just figured H&B would be a good place to start it seeing as there wasn't one when the first thread was started. Thanks for calling them Robyn, bugger why cant ppl keep there noses out it wasn't offensive or anything like that why in god's name would someone want to vote it off. rant over :-)

dollydot, Jun 17, 3:52am
Why on earth would TM remove the thread!I'd be interested in their reasons, not that we'll ever know. They make some strange decisions sometimes. I think the thread is probably in the right place in health and beauty as the entire message board is opinions anyway but I am happy to have it wherever the majority are happy with.

tracyd27, Jun 17, 4:30am
phalo you look amazing! well done.may I ask what opp you had! and how much have you lost! tell me to take a flying belly flop if you dont wanna tell lol

dollydot, Jun 17, 4:49am
Looking lovely phalo, great work!

esther-anne, Jun 17, 4:58am
Can I put in my pennyworth!I think it's actually quite appalling that TM have seen fit to not only take off your thread but not have the courtesy to perhaps, of their own volition, move it to here where I think it is maybe more appropriate and could attract more devotees than it would in Ops and Pollies.

I think it's very cool to have you aboard here and hopefully you will acquire some newbies along the way.

Phalo of course I have no idea how anybody looked before their procedures and I am fortunate that I don't have the problem but you look positively hot in that picture!

phalo, Jun 17, 5:08am
Thank you I feel great.

You know its funny we can get dressed and go out, having looked in the mirror.
I had a couple of people I didnt know tell me I looked nice. So when I got to work I took a pic, because the mirror is different to a picture. I can see what other people see thru a picture but not when I look in the mirror.

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