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lazkaz, Dec 31, 9:08pm
the luscious chocolates have finally spread to the luscious hips I am 64gs.sad,but still swimming and have gone back to not eating chocs etc.all good.I am so pathetic!How is it that you have two weeks of chocs etc and it piles on.this week will be good.Mum better but not right yet again I think she should let me take her back to the doc but no!I just want her to have a urine test that's all.I might pop in for the test pot and then take it back to them to test.ho hum, its a fine line between interfering and caring.doing what is right.Have a good day everyone, hope none of you are suffering hangovers.first time I was ever on my own for New Years, just so tired with mum etc,will not do that again, was not the same and so wanted to kick 2011 in the backside.!

brapbraprx7, Dec 31, 9:11pm
Happy new year everyone!

jc_trader, Jan 1, 6:30am
Happy New Year everyone.

Since I said I was going to start again in the new year, here I am.

I have fallen so far off the wagon that it's not even in sight any more. Lol

Weighed in this morning for the new year at.66.4kgs!

I am really gonna have to run to get back on that wagon ha ha.

maxalias, Jan 1, 7:37am
snap! Same weight as me! uuurrrggghhhh.
I want to be 65 by next friday hard cos ill be at my mums then mum in laws for most of it but I have to remember I will be wearing a bathing suit in 31days! My goal is to get to 62 by the 2nd feb. 4.4kgs to lose.

frizzyperm, Jan 1, 8:44am
Happy new year everyone!

Max - totaly do-able - great goal to get you motivated!

My new years day weigh in was 61.5. Not unexpected as been drinking too much bourbon. Biggest weight loss killer! Bit weird at the mo as my sister is here, I wanted to be 59 when I saw her as I havnt seen her for a year, and after doing that I have found that my motivation isnt there anymore. She has moved here for good now so cant be in holiday mode forever. Gotta stop eating banana cake too! But it tastes so good! Good luck everyone! mini goal - 61.0 next Friday.

teatree, Jan 1, 8:31pm
Morning ladies ;-) lazkaz.i'm with ya glad 2011 is gone! Well i'm getting ready again to climb on the wagon.after eating & drinking crap i feel so gross! So am looking forward to my eating/ exercise plan tomorrow! Have diary ready, will record all food/drink/exercise.and will get on the scales so i have a starting point.(i'm a scale phobic) lol.still trying to sort my hormones issues out.but just hope i can get some weight off! Hope everyone has a great day!

lazkaz, Jan 1, 10:40pm
Rock and roll thru the night!Went to see mum early after phone call to see she was alright.went back to bed for an hour but could not relax so up and about, feel cold so will put jersey on.teatree, yes the scales are interesting, some say forget the scales as its how you are feeling, the food and the exercise that is important rather than the scales.Who knows, I just know I did not go for a swim this morning and miss it for sure.just did not fancy it with the EQ's, but get back into it tomorrow.nota nice day here in ChCh.have a good day all

jc_trader, Jan 1, 11:44pm
Hi all just thought I would share a small piece of happy news to start the new year.
My lovely wee cat had 5 beautiful kittens in the early hours of new years day so am really hoping this is a sign of a better year to come.

Best of luck everyone for climbing back on the weight loss wagon in the new year and I will try to get on too.

lazkaz, Jan 1, 11:48pm
oh so sweet, put a pic up

big121, Jan 2, 8:41am
hi im 159 cm with large bones :) what weight should i ideally be! cheers!

lac5312, Jan 2, 6:07pm
Had to do a bit of reading to catch up on this thread. Been away for most of Nov/Dec.

Great for those who's lost some weight andgood luck to the rest (including me.)

Beginning of Nov I was weighing 66kg at a stage after some weight loss. Well, after my holiday and the festive season I'm on 72.8kg!

Absolutely shocking as I've never weigh this and NOT been pregnant. Serious work ahead for me. Did a run this morning and my weight goal for this week is 71.0kg.

Good luck everyone!

lac5312, Jan 2, 6:08pm
Oh yes, and Happy New Year everyone!

matt-wgtn, Jan 2, 8:20pm
Hi Everyone, not the happiest of weigh-ins this week - up 0.4kg to 79.9kg.Have been walking (even up big hills) almost every day and making good choices so I'm a bit grumpy!

(or maybe it's more to do with back to work tomo!)

How's everyone else going!

arcdee, Jan 2, 8:34pm
62.6 this mornin but doin stuff all exercise and alot of elbow bending lol never mind .xox

teatree, Jan 2, 8:44pm
Bwahaha arcdee! Geez i braved the scales today & i'm SO embarassed :-( Couldn't even write it in my diary.So farked off with letting myself go! On a positive note.*** 1 YEAR QUIT today ***

earthangel4, Jan 2, 9:09pm
Hello Everyone an a very happy new year to you all,hus to those that have losses,and Lazkaz,sure hope your mum is starting to feel better.
I have had a kidney and bladder infection,and have been on abs but on my way back up now.
My weight is now sitting at 71kgs,so have loss some,at Christmas I wieghed in at 76.3,so with being sick and not eating that much,have lost quite a bit.
TeaTree,go you 12 months is an awesome mildstone.
Hope you are all having a wonderday day so far.

teatree, Jan 2, 9:37pm
Hi how ya feel! I've been having a great ol time eating & drinking to excess!
But hell its xmas/holidays etc!
Back on the wagon for me today.but not going to weigh anytime too scary!

arcdee, Jan 2, 11:29pm
earthangel.sorry to hear you been sick :( uti suk especially when it goes to your kidneys .take care of yrslf. welldone on the awesome weight loss even if it was through bein sick lol off is off!xox

deviant7, Jan 3, 4:54am
i gained about 3 kgs over xmas aswell but in last couple of days ive managed to lose a kg of that

maxalias, Jan 3, 5:12am
Im at my mums and I have not stopped eating. I am scared to get home and weigh! My new years resolutions usually only last one or two days so I dont know why Im angry. I should have expected it! Lac, Its a new year and you will be fine. After all this xmas thing is over and all the xmas chockies/baking is finally gone we can begin to do well again. Deviant, Itsnt it amazing how 3kgs can go on so bloody easily! Happy New Year guys x

maxalias, Jan 3, 5:15am
Hi there, Probably around 55kgs I would think but I am not at home where my weight watches book is that would tell me correctly. I find that was the "Ideal" is, is too small for most of us. Some of us just dont look that good when we are that thin. Happy New Year

frizzyperm, Jan 3, 7:21pm
OMG when are the bbqs and drinks and partys and get togethers gonna stop!! Maybe thats why its called a "season" - goes forever!

big121, Jan 3, 8:06pm
hey thanks for that. I'm 66kgs at the moment and was thinking of losing between 5 and 10. cheers now I know I'm on the right track!

brapbraprx7, Jan 3, 8:52pm
Weighed in at 104kg :(, too much food over new years, My goal is to get down to 100kg before the 18th of Jan. Right now im loving my air climber, weights for toning and ab machine

deviant7, Jan 4, 6:11pm
right I have lost 2kgs of the xmas wiehgt just another 1 or 2 to go then i can concentrate on the rest lol

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