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tiki-turtle, Mar 31, 9:45pm
Im ok, been a little down the last few days, thought i was just feeling sorry for myself cause i still cant lift etc but then got the dreaded af so apart from not being able to do much ive now got that added extra aarrgghhh. District nurse annoys me 'u dont need to shower every day' um yes i bloody well do thanks very much 'well treat these dressings with respect' and then doesnt leave me much for easter to go by. Lucky my mum has a fully stocked first aid kit. Im nearly finished my ab's not sure what will happen then - i will ring gp tomorrow, i have Pseudomonas in my drain site. They said its colonized - which im assuming means its in the exit only not tracked back to the wound. Im right down to 2 panadol and a tramadol in the am and same int h evening now and can roll onto my left hand side slowly (wound side) so im getting there - i have to tell ya something funny -next post - lol

tiki-turtle, Mar 31, 9:46pm
well i think its funny - lol. The district nurse came to change my dressings and she rings half an hour before coming so i take them all off and let the air get at the wounds (it feels so nice - lol) i hitch up my singlet and pull down my pj bottoms and im all hanging out, she says 'dont u look gorgeous darling' i say 'yes this is the latest cat walk look in surgical wounds - lol'. Its one of those moments where u have to be there cause i look like someones taken to me with a chain saw - lol

strawbs3, Apr 1, 12:38am
Hi ya'll, seems you still have a sence of humor tiki so that should keep you sane.Hope you heal well and fast.We have been to Te Anau, absolutely beautiful out there and still nice and hot.we went in a big boat out to the glow worm caves yesterday, it was really amazing .Home now ( nothing quite like home is there )Hope you are all safe and well . Take Care x x

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