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strawbs3, Jun 4, 10:48pm
What an amazing thing to do,I have a wee boy 21months on Dialysis and he is getting a transplant in the next few months.luckily he should be able to have his Daddys kidney.we arenearly finished the testing process.good for you, giving the Gift of Life.

stacey.a, Jun 5, 10:35am
Hi vixin, my needle phobia is much better now. I still don't like needles but i don't freak out like i use to, except when my nurse is away and someone else has to needle me. Thats great about the fitness thing, i get tired just watching the zumba ad on tv.

stacey.a, Jun 5, 10:37am
Hello strawbs,must be so exciting and scarey that your little one will be getting a kidney soon. Can i ask how he does dialysis !

paull, Jun 6, 9:29am
yea thats what i think aswell, i hope to be able to help someone else. i have had a crap 5yrs with family members dying and then having my rounds of surgery for my neck and my nose and now im pretty good and i had been watching that gift of life programme and saw all these people who had recieved organs and the change it had made to there lifes and thought why not give someone a chance at living again, people tell me im mad but i dont care , i would want to also meet the person who gets my kidney, a few years back my wife gave eggs to an infertile couple and they had twins out of it and that gave her so much joy, it nearly killed her as she reacted to the chemical inbalance in her system and ended up in intensive care but she is fine and said she would do it again anyday.

strawbs3, Jun 8, 4:19am
Hello stacey.ait is very exciting and a little bit scary. Our son is on Peritoneal Dialysis and has been for the last 3 months, 11 1/2 hours every night,we have had no problems at all with it and he is a much happier child.

kiwivixin28, Jun 8, 6:53am
wow that is amazing, life on haemo can be hard at times im glad your wee man has capd, are there any expected issues with the kidney size! When i had my transplant i was told the kidney was abt the size of a pc mouse, just wondering how they would place it into such a wee tummy area! I will follow this thread and hope to hear good news and freedom for your wee man xx

strawbs3, Jun 9, 6:15am
awwwww thank you kiwivixin28, apparently it is quite normal for a wee person to have an adult kidney he doesnt even need his 2 removed as they are tiny but not doing him any harm so they just pop it on in there, It still amazes me .we are away to Auckland this weekend to finish the tests for him and his Dad.and then they should set a date for 3 months from now (ish)

stacey.a, Jun 9, 10:36am
Hello strawbs3, fingers and toes crossed the last of the testing goes well.

paull, Jun 9, 11:17am
wow amazing they leave his in there, someone said to me the other day that if an adult has a sick kidney they can just disconnect it and tie it off and just let it wither away inside the body, is this true !

strawbs3, Jun 9, 8:32pm
Im not sure Paul,they can leave my sons in there because they are tiny and just havn't grown since birth so they are no actual harm to him and are not taking up any room. and thank you Stacey.a !

stacey.a, Jun 9, 10:27pm
As far as i know paul they don't remove the kidneys. Not even when you have a transplant the old kidneys stay behind. Vixen might know a bit more about this then me.

shadowzz, Jun 10, 1:23am
The old ladies grand daughter was given the same bad news, dialysis and wait for a transplant and anti rejection drugs for ever. We read her the riot act, no more junk food, alcopop, etc, she lives on fish, vegetables and bore water now and has got back into basket ball. The Dr's who put her on the waiting list were not interest in her diet and now that she is better they are not interested in how she did it.

kiwivixin28, Jun 10, 2:08am
I have both my original kidneys in place, but when i questioned this i was told that bc i had done 12 years dialysis and my kidneys were "dead", when i say dead thats basically what they are, its very common for dialysis patients to stop urineation completely. Anyway they just do as you said unhook the main arteries and such and hook them up to the new one. Its amazing really, they dont hook up any of the new kidneys nerve endings, my dr told me they could cut open my tummy, which would hurt like mad, then stab the donor kidney and i would feel nothing LOL Yeah i know sick thing to laugh at LOL Another reason they can leave the old kidney in place is bc the new kidney is placed at the front of the tummy and lower down, also they put it in upside down, with the tube that joins to the bladder on the top side incase there is a blockage or a leak, they can access the tube quickly, this doesnt happen much now as they insert a stent to ease the pressure til it heals, this stent is removed abt 6 weeks post transplant. Thus ends todays transplant lesson lol :))

kiwivixin28, Jun 10, 2:11am
When you say she is "better" what exactly do you mean! Feeling better or not in renal failure anymore, bc its not something you can reverse!

kiwivixin28, Jun 10, 2:13am
When the kidneys are sick, say with like cancer they remove 1 and you can live with one happily enough.

kiwivixin28, Jun 11, 9:22am
up we gooooooooooo

donz67, Jun 12, 7:50am
Hi five to you!My husband has just been placed on the "active waiting list" for a kidney and a pancreas transplant.I have offered him my kidney but he is simply over having type 1 diabetes, and being so sick (he's had it for 41 years) so has opted for a double transplant.He has to wait for a deceased donor, yep the emotional roller coaster has begun.I am proud of you and you should be too.If there were more people that thought like you do, our waiting lists would be a whole lot shorter.Good luck to you xx - reading your post has made my day!

stacey.a, Jun 13, 4:34am
Donz67, does that mean if your husband has a pancreas transplant it cures his diabetes!How long has your husband been on dialysis for! I have been on the waiting list for a kidney for 4 yrs now. It really is like playing lotto and luck of the draw.

donz67, Jun 13, 8:34am
Hi stacey.a Yes you are right, a new pancreas will mean no more diabetes.Oddly enough, he is not on dialysis yet,his kidneys hit the deck really fast, so there just hasn't been time yet.He has opted to have peritoneal rather than haemo dialysis, but is still waiting for his 'plug'.Good luck to you, and just think, if the were more paulls in the country, your wait would be a lot shorter.Fingers crossed you don't have to wait too much longer xxP.S have you considered a new pancreas with your new kidney!

stacey.a, Jun 13, 10:48am
I'm very lucky donz67 as i don't have diabetes. I wonder how many people are offered the double transplant who have diabetes, you would think it would a standard thing they would do, as thoughts are no diabetes would make the new kidney last longer.

sarahmoon1, Jun 13, 11:40am
Hey hey, best thing i ever did was donate my kidney to my brother. Just celebrated 6 years and both of us still going strong :D

rosess, Jun 13, 12:37pm
I have been on dialysis two yearslast week. I celebrated because its two years of life I wouldn't have had otherwise. Starting dialysis was hard with young children to care for but they have adapted to it quite well. My youngest was too young to remember me before I was on dialysis so she doesn??™t know any different. . Thereare plenty of countries where kidney failure is an immediate death sentence, so I feel I am lucky to have the treatment however long it lasts and am otherwise healthy for now. I am not sure how I feel about a live donor transplant. I would struggle with the guilt of putting someone through all the pain and recovery.

anglia, Jun 13, 1:17pm
For people like you we should all have 'donor' on our driver's license.

kiwivixin28, Jun 14, 5:53am
I did 12 years of dialysis by choice, when you get someone who loves u and wants you to live they dont even think abt the pain after all they care abt is the fact they get you in their lives for longer. My issue as a recipiant is how do you say thank you! When i asked my donor this question her reply was "get off your ass and live".

kiwivixin28, Jun 14, 5:54am
I ended up with diabetes 2 weeks after my transplant.another risk we take.

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