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donz67, Jan 1, 10:07pm
Hi lovlies! Hope you all saw the new year in with a bang lol perhaps a bang isn't quite the right word to use, cos quite frankly I'm friggen sick to death of my house going bang! Jesus I was looking forward to a new year with the immature hope that the earthquakes would stop. Hmmm na, wrong again. Haven't had any damage, just to my poor mind lol it's more rattled and unsettled than usual.Hope you sister cantabs are doing ok, and you foreigners are ok too.How'd the new ink go Mixx Vix! go on then put up a pic for us :)
Have a good and hopefully shake free day, Big loves D&JXOXO

camce, Jan 2, 8:25am
Hi all, donz you weren't the only one hoping the quakes would stop. Feeling a bit grumpy about them today, but will get over myself. Some sleep would help also, lol.
Hope everyone doing ok, love to all xoxo

stacey.a, Jan 2, 8:57am
Hello everyone, thought i better check in and let you all know that i'm doing fine. Survived the xmas and new year rush. No news to report on the health front, just still plodding along. Looks like you all had a nice xmas and some of you were very lucky in the presents you got. Lets hope 2012 brings good health and a lotto win to all of us. WE DESERVE IT.

donz67, Jan 3, 12:24am
Stacey! So good to hear from you, I was getting a bit worried. Glad you survived xmas lol, and plodding along is good kiddo, better than going backwards eh! love D&J xoxo

stacey.a, Jan 4, 3:38am
I must be a thread killer. Bumping off the second page.

strawbs3, Jan 4, 8:23am
Hi Stacey nice to know you are still lurking around. we have missed you !yes everyone in here is to get good health from now on and new kidneys if needed.

I feel lucky to have my little person home and fixed. on the 3rdMarch it will be one year ago that we found out Ethan had kidney failure and needed a transplant and he has been put on dialysis had a transplant and home again in less than a year so we are already lucky !Best of luck to all you wonderful people in our kidney thread. may you all be fixed this year !

kiwivixin28, Jan 4, 10:43pm
Well i went to clinic today and crunched numbers with good old Knickers, i currently have 23% kidney function and he seems to think i will prolly need treatment by the end of this year. But now i know what im looking at, when the gfr gets to 10% im in trouble (his words). So i hit him up abt capd and he said there are bigger ppl than me doing it and he doesnt see why i couldnt try it. So.there it is. Now we are again looking at going to aussie and paying whatever it takes. Time is running out.

ladeda, Jan 5, 9:18am
Hi KiwiV, Can I ask you for some help please! My friend on dialysis is only allowed 1L of fluid a day and he CANNOT stick to it. Any ideas! He's a builder and always been a working man who sweats and drinks a lot. Despite his best efforts he had a large milkshake this morning, a telling off from me, then was offered a cup of tea so he said "Milo please." All his conversations are about drinking and he describes himself as a "liquid kind of guy". He fantasises about downing 1.5L of orange juice at one time (like he used to) and can't sleep so stays up all night drinking tea. I'm making a joke of it but he is totally out of his mind wanting a drink and needs all the help he can get. He says he's allowed extra to drink while actually hooked to the dialysis but how does he get through the other days!He knows the consequences but that isn't enough to stave off the cravings.

On a lighter note, I told him you call your kidney a "bean" and he thought that was cool.except he used to be a butcher and started a graphic description that only another butcher could appreciate.

Worried for my friend.

PS Having our friend on dialysis has really knocked the socks off Darryl who's biggest fear is his diabetes leading to kidney failure. So I have him being strong for our friend, then falling apart behind the scenes as he can't cope seeing his friend in such distress and wondering if he will also have to go through that in the future.

paull, May 31, 8:06am
im thinking of doing this , dont no who is getting it but i have 2 and can live with 1 so may as well help someone live longer.
whats it like after surgery. i have read all the info on it but thought i would ask on here.

falcon-hell, May 31, 9:30am
good for you paull,i have a son who is 10 and he has only one kidney,so its a subject quite close to my heart,he was born with only one,and he is just fine,but good to know there are cool people like yourself willing to help others out.

speckle77, May 31, 9:54am
I have no idea personally, just wanted to say what an amazing & wonderful thing you are doing for someone.

nails6, May 31, 10:13am
Good on you Paull, people like you make all the difference in giving those a second chance at having quality of life. My teenage daughter has recently been, and still is, quite sick.She has just been diagnosed with Kidney Disease & we hope that she will never require a transplant.

kiwivixin28, May 31, 11:06am
I can kinda speak from experiance sorta LOL My younger sister gave me a kidney 18 months ago, she took 6 weeks off work (was paid a "donor benefit" from winz while she was off) but i think it depends on your own pain tolerance. First thing she was told was that it is harder on the donor. There was no heavy lifting or hard work of course for a while. Her incision isnt too big at all and heal pretty fast, but again some people might take longer depending on health. Perhaps go to your GP and tell them how you feel, you can always be put in contact with the transplant co-ordinator in your area. Look into it by means bc of course you can pull out at any time.

vintagepretty, May 31, 12:34pm
Good on you, but i don't know how old are you-who knows maybe you will need your kidney later in life. Why not write in your will that you let doctors have your body and they will take all the good bits to help others, but while you are alive, keep yourself healthy with both kidneys, so that people might get both of them when you no longer need them!

paull, Jun 1, 2:11am
im 40 and have thought about all the ins and outs and if i can give someone a chance at life and i can live with 1 kidney then so be it , hell if im lucky to live to the ripe old age of 80 then they wont want any of my organs,if my only kidney got sick later in life then im a gone burger, but hey some other poor sod gets to live out his life with my other kidney and spend time with his kids,wife ,family,if i met someone tomorrow who said im dying because my kidneys are shot and i have a family then i would be on the operation table so fast, anyway it takes 9mnths to do the process and some of those waiting have died in that time,,,,

kiwivixin28, Jun 1, 5:13am
It doesnt always take 9 months, mine took 11 months and one of my friends got hers done in 6 months. Every case is different. It is my understanding they will only harvest til 65yrs and no younger than 18. We in the Nephro world call what you are considering a "walk in" donation, someone that just wants to help and quite often has never had surgery before.

paull, Jun 1, 8:11pm
i have had a fair bit of surgery in the past, septoplasty x 2 and c6c7 neck surgery,

kiwivixin28, Jun 2, 8:59am
Was the first time for my donor, she also had her gall bladder removed in the same surgery so she did it touch for a bit. But if you are in goosd health otherwise im sure you will bounce back just fine. Ill follow this with interest bc it is really a huge gift.

shadowzz, Jun 2, 9:17am
An old lady on dialysis was at the Super market when she saw the wife of a man she used to see at dialysis. He had stopped going and she assumed he was dead so she offered her condolences. The wife laughed and pointed out her healthy husband, he had been to a Chinese healer and colonic clinic in Auckland.

guppygirl, Jun 2, 10:20am
People like you are so treasured.My mum has been on complete dialysis for 5 years and can't get thru the trials and tribulations of the medical system to get on the list for a transplant.It takes everything out of her 3 days a week and because cancer is in the family we are not allowed to donate.So God Bless you for being so thoughtful.

kletis1, Jun 2, 11:15am
i donated a my mum.that was nearly 9 yrs ago.she was on dialysis for about 6 mths till she got mine.i recovered really fast,though the initial pain is a killer,it subsides fairly quickly.was back at work in 3 weeks and 10 mths later my partner and i welcomed our 2nd notice though the hospital did put me on the backburner a bit as they spent all their time after the surgery looking after mum and kind of forgot about me.oh well,still glad i did it :)

kiwivixin28, Jun 3, 5:27am
Is this some joke im missing or what!

kiwivixin28, Jun 3, 5:33am
Yup thats how it works.When i got my new bean i got everything, took home a toilet seat and shower chair and any or all the things i needed to make my life easier. My sister got told see you later and to be honest and blunt, it was bullshit. Me being me kicked up a huge fuss to my specialests abt the fact there would be no transplant without my sister and i would be in a nice pine box at the age of 33. She then got much more attention, and didnt have to go to her gp for follow ups as most of our donors are told to do. They also have a system now where the donor (if living related) comes to clinic with the recipiant and they veiw the blood tests results pre and post transplant and they are shown basically how much healthier the recipiant is and how well they are doing bc of this precious gift.

stacey.a, Jun 3, 11:36am
What a great gift to offer someone. I have been doing dialysis for just over 4 yrs now. I live in hope that some day i will get a call to say they have a kidney for me. Hi vixin, i hope you are keeping well. Do you still get the kidney news letter some great new stuff happening in transplants.

kiwivixin28, Jun 4, 4:58am
Hiya stacey, yes im doing pretty good, just started with a personal trainer, some aqua fitness classes and some zumba lol Wouldnt/couldnt even entertain the idea without my donor. Your treatment time has gone quick, i remember when u were just starting. I hope its alot better for you now than it was back then. I really need to pay my subscription fee for the newsletter ive been meaning to for a few years now lol

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