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tutifruiti, Dec 31, 11:43am
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.May you all have a lot less pain in this coming year.God Bless.

tutifruiti, Dec 31, 12:10pm

jarjarbinks01, Dec 31, 6:54pm
HAPPY NEW YEAR---to you all--the first day of 2012--and my sister has txt me to tell me she has 6 Xmas presents sorted out for Xmas 2012 already--HUH!--that's what I said--HUH!--but I do have a really nifty idea for Mum's calendar for next year--does that count for being prepared!

jarjarbinks01, Dec 31, 6:57pm
Well--we didn't come thru the rains unscathed--the rain has got in thru the roof and we have a 2 sq metre bulge of wet in our kitchen ceiling--soooooooo we'll have to ring our insurers and see what they say--still not as bad as some tho--what's a wet ceiling compared to losing your whole house.

lviolets, Dec 31, 9:49pm
Happy new year all! May 2010 be less of a pain in our butts! (and other places too lol)

Lovely to see some new blood in here. shame about the reason for your visits, but nice to see u all the same.

lviolets, Dec 31, 9:56pm
Happy New Year to all!
Very quiet here. was fast asleep. couldn't have seen the new year in if I had tried lol, altho I did wonder if I was going to get any sleep at all as one little fluffy bum decided bed time was play time last night! Time to race round the house like a lunatic! Fortunately it was short lived, and no it wasn't our Miss Goody Goody visitor lol.

Eeeew JJB. stand clear in case that bulge decides to open up!Can look quite impressive eh! People like your sis should have been drowned at birth JJB and you're not much better lol altho an "idea" only isn't like sorted. how disgusting already having Xmas pressies ready for the coming year hehe.

Just had a yummy strawberry smoothie for brekkie. freshly picked from my lil garden. thank goodness Sassy has forgotten about them, she liked them as a puppy. ssshhh Kharmann don't remind her!Haha Skoota, can just see the red lipped Kharmann denying all knowledge of the missing raspberries hehehehe love it!

Overcast and mild here. for now. hopefully I sent the sun in the right direction for Tuti and Twinks ;-)

rosemaryp, Dec 31, 10:14pm
I am having a rough day, had a rough night sleeping, so I am aching like crazy.

milkath, Dec 31, 10:30pm
Rheumatoid and other things that go wrong when you have amalgam fillings. this is straight form the World Health Organization. Check it out. You will want to get those out after reading this.


milkath, Dec 31, 10:30pm
Rheumatoid and other things that go wrong when you have amalgam fillings. this is straight form the World Health Organization. Check it out. You will want to get those out after reading this.


skootaskid, Dec 31, 10:34pm
oh Rosemaryp, I'm sorry that your having a rough day! is there anyway that I can help you at all! this mb is awesome isn't it but sometimes I just wish I could be closer to actually "do" something to help.

skootaskid, Dec 31, 10:35pm
Thank you Tutifruiti and I wish you a very happy,painfree and joy filled year too.

lviolets, Dec 31, 10:57pm
I just had a thought. now we can say see ya NEXT month Twinkle Toes!

tutifruiti, Dec 31, 11:08pm
Hello everyone.No rain her but barometer is dropping somewhat.

lviolets, thanks for trying anyway. I love strawberries, raspeberries, blackberrie, gooseberries etc. Yum.Your smoothie sounds great,

jarjar, having a ceiling about to fall on you is not a good way to start off the New Year.Hope it gets sorted soon.Like lviolets said, can't even imagine buying for Christmas yet.It's as if some people just want to get it out of the way.Oh well, never mind we are all different I suppose.

Hope everyone is not too sore with the damp weather upon us at the moment.Have a good day and we will be packing away the Christmas Decorations this afternoon as we have a visitor coming to stay for a few days tomorrow.

tutifruiti, Jan 1, 12:07am
Thanks for the info but since I have had mine out, I am suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis.So how come!

tutifruiti, Jan 1, 12:09am
Sorry to hear that rosemaryp - all you can do is rest up and doesn't it get frustrating.Has there been a change in weather down there, or have you reduced one of your meds!

rusty-bones, Jan 1, 12:22am
Yeah I always wondered if it was worth getting them removed too. It is def heredity becuse about 2years after I got it at 19 my older sis got it then my younger 1. And now my neice has it like me just afte a birth exactly the same poor thing. But still thanks for the link.

wazza114, Jan 1, 3:56am
good oh everyone. well i saw the new yr in with 20 million other ppl lol.ok exagerationbut yeah worked last night.wat a load of large bull. just an excuse to get pi$$edetc. yeah its just a waste of time.anyway work didnt finish till after 1 am this morning,walked in the door by 2am and was awake (damn 7 yr old)lolby 7ish.havent done a lot but have taken kid and dog for a walk andhad a sleep so not done much. right animals to feed,tea to cook.

jarjarbinks01, Jan 1, 6:00am
Evening--we've had a lovely day--out to the in laws for a nice lunch--quick visit to my parents--home--and I flopped on the bed and snoozed for 2 hours--very nice--te nw--animals fed--and I'm going to spend the evening looking for dead people.

tutifruiti, Jan 1, 6:07am
jarjar, that sounds a bit ominous.Are you doing a family tree!

wazza, we went to the Club here last night and they had a band but waaay tooooooo LOUD.No chance of a conversation and I am unable to dance at the moment so went into the pokies. Wasted money and saw a woman who wasn't signed in win $200 and get her friend to sign for it.I am furious so did a complain but I think it will fall on deaf ears.I am thinking of withdrawing my Membership.

Nice quiet day here and Mr tuti has had to do most of the packing up of the Christmas decorations as I a very stiff and sore today.He said he thinks I did a bit much yesterday.In my books that can mean virtually nothing.

Antiques road show on tonight so may blob out in front of the TV.Mr tuti is expecting a visitor and they will be off to the 'Man Cave' until whenever.

twinkle8, Jan 1, 6:10am
Hi all
Hows the ceiling holding out JJB! We have just had a thunder storm, the cracks were so loud and close, followed by a heavy down pour. hubby has just been in ceiling and all good. He recently did some repair work after our hail storm early in Dec. I have written down a few ideas for presents for next Christmas and will pick up odd things over they year but like to shop at christmas time with the shops decorated and carols playing :-) JJB are you doing your fam tree like me.presume that what you mean looking for dead people.fascinating and frustrating ah!

Tuti/Iv - I too love any berries and would be reluctant to share them with any dogs lol. Hope you get as better sleep IV and those dogs are tired tonight!

Dunedin meeting took place yesterday.until recently was thinking this trip may not be happening for me but now think yes be ok. Sis said I am going I wont be a burden and we will manage.big sis has spoken lol
She has hip issues and has been told arthritic changes several months ago. I suppose Osteo. This last week she is quite limpy when she has been sitting and prob go to the doc this week. She doesn??™t do sick.like we have a choice.but not used to ill health and pills and lately taking Panadol and Voltaren (light weight lol) So between us two I said we might need a large twin pram incase we pack up and that I will get IV to look out for one haha. The other sis pipes up and says she has a funny knee and the niece is still having physio for an injury and shes the one competing. So between the 4 of us.we may look a right lot limping and carrying on down the streets of Dunedin!
poor neice who is competing rolling her eyes with the 3 sisters planning lol

Working again tonight so bit of sleep (hopefully) tomorrow and taking down decorations Tues.not a great job taking them down as to putting them up :-(hopefully when i go back to work Thurs the work ones will be down.fingers crossed.

Grizz, Jubre, Rosemary etc -hope all are doing ok and just busy and not laying low feeling yuk

lviolets, Jan 1, 6:11am
Well we've just had a BBQ tea. but ate inside as it has cooled down and now we've got grizzle, oooops drizzle. just me, Man Pa, with Sassy & Mischa both looking on in the hope of some extra nibbles. Its Ma n Pa's 58th wedding anniversary today, not a bad innings eh.

Well done Wazza, you've done better than me. took the girls for a walk last night but not doing it again on my own. dogs in all directions. as were my arms!Haven't done much of anything today but still ready to put my feet up. and embroidery is calling!

lviolets, Jan 1, 6:16am
Will put out an alert on the streets. if nothing else you'll be easy to recognise when all together lol. Just bring the drug cabinet and if you're missing anything then I'm sure we can fill in the gaps hehe.If all else fails then laughter is the best medicine and as your sisters sound like you, there wont be a shortage. and there are us Southern gals to pick up pieces if need be!

creme18, Jan 1, 6:33am
hi all, Happy New Years to you all. hope you had a lovely one. I had a great time in Gisborne.super hot though! spent lots of time at the beach with the boys. We are taking the caravan back at then end of next week for some camping around the Gizzy beaches. Still have not done my Bloods LV, so need to do them. Have the specialist on the 19th.

winnie15, Jan 1, 7:13am
hello skoots, computer is stable at the mo as long as i don't move the screen!
i didn't get the tattoo as i couldnt find anything i really wanted to wear for the rest of my life.my daughter did tho, she got 'love' written on her inner wrist and it looks nice. knowing me i willdo it oneday and i'll choose something that will make me laugh for the rest of my life . well whats life without humour eh!
i was going to get my ears re-pierced a few weeks ago, but i have to get a beign tumour taken out of my paratoid gland this year and didn't want to compromise anything.

irishnz1, Jan 1, 9:09am
happy new year all

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