Argan Oil for Hair

poppet0505, Dec 19, 5:36am
jumping in to ask a question on the morrocon oil, which i use and love.i lhave looked at the, and would like to know if we anyone has brought further products in nz of this far in my area i have only seen the oil!and i would love to try the intense curl creme

finlight, Dec 19, 6:38am
hi ok someone said on another thread about moroccan oil that it is full of silicon that coats your hair making it feel nice is this true!also if your in the sun can it burn your scalp like coconut oil could . thanks

racingroo, Nov 17, 12:58am
is this any good.Don't want to spend heaps on it to find that its just like other products

theresanz, Nov 17, 1:11am
Yup i have it and its awesome!

gojojo2, Nov 17, 3:57am
I bought mine four months ago and haven't noticed any difference. Maybe it's more suited for dry hair! My hairdresser (and what I read online) suggested it was great for all hair types to add nourishment etc. But who knows, maybe I'd be bald by now! lol

cannz1, Nov 17, 7:03am
I love mine.My hair is softer, shinier and less frizzy.It's also much easier to blowdry and I don't need to straighten it.You should definitely give it a try.I just got a small bottle off TradeMe and it didn't cost too much.

liddellgirl, Nov 17, 9:15am
I tried it once and found it made my hair very greasy and it smelt disgusting !

ziggy32, Nov 19, 7:04am
i dont realy like it but has my hair shinny iv just added it to my condtioner it dos feel softer but it still flyaway hair

sue193, Nov 19, 7:27am
I am using moroccan oil after reading all the comments on here. It really is very good and it smells divine. Its a bit more expensive than the argan oil though.

gojojo2, Nov 19, 7:34am
Oops.that's what mine is.

waterlilies, Nov 19, 8:33am
I love, love, LOVE my Moroccan Oil. Get loads of compliments on how shiny my hair looks too.Dries quicker, doesn't need straightening or the hair dryer. I don't put it in the roots though as my roots get oily.

lucycooper, Dec 17, 10:01am
Moroccan oil is argan oil it's made from the same thing. theirs alot of different brand of it now, ' morrocan oil ' is the orginal and it really is the best! Great for blondes. and lasts forever!

gneel1, Dec 17, 10:12am
I'm brunette with curly hair and love the Moroccan oil. The smell is divine.

sue193, Dec 17, 9:00pm
yep, still loving mine. shame it's so expensive though.

kiwibunz, Dec 18, 12:22am
You only need a little oil spread through the hair.

jody23, Dec 18, 1:44am
i love my moroccan oil, my hair drys so fast now and is much softer and healthier looking than it used to be.

karenjs, Dec 19, 2:05am
What is moroccan oil for!what does it do for you hair!

jody23, Dec 19, 2:08am

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