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shadowzz, Dec 19, 4:12am
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Friggen earth mama's waving photocopied links they have acquired with their "Google degrees" are no help whatsoever, but always feel they must post "helpful information".

linmard, Dec 19, 4:57am
do you really think there is an answer to this!

surfbluedog, Dec 19, 7:05am

cfred, Dec 12, 7:58pm

jase.and.jules, Dec 13, 5:43am
What is that source!

michellew2k, Dec 13, 6:00am
Gee countering properganda! what a valid source of information.not.

farwest, Dec 13, 6:04am
They need to change the name of that page to "spreading bullshit".

wasala, Dec 13, 8:12am
What nonsense. You are very gullible cfred!

gemtau, Dec 13, 10:37am
I would say the same, if not less than those who do vaccinate!

Why any woman would allow themselves to be vaccinated whilst pregnant is beyond me, especially with a vaccine which hasn't even been properly tested. Not that any vaccine has been properly tested.

gemtau, Dec 13, 10:57am
http://preventdisease.com/news/09/110709_H1N1_vaccine_miscarriage_reports.shtml http://littlemountainhomeopathy.wordpress.com/2009/12/05/h1n1-vaccine-miscarriages-exclusive-interview-with-connie-adams-more-reports-worldwide/ http://www.prisonplanet.com/cdc-allegedly-falsifies-reports-ignoring-up-to-3587-miscarriages-from-h1n1-vaccine.html http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/188385

Well I guess if they can no longer scare people into using it as a vaccine they can market it as a termination injection! You really do have to wonder why they??™re still pushing this on pregnant women even after all this evidence

Honestly why would women risk their unborn babies with this crap when they can do far better to protect themselves against the flu and many other illnesses with regular vitamin D3, oh hang on they won??™t promote that, there??™s just not the same profit in vitamins.

fionah2, Dec 13, 10:39pm
Vaccines are tested so much more then media let public know.They do rigorous testing.We would have huge problems without vaccines and of course no-one should have vaccinations whilst pregnant (except flu has now become available to pregnant woman I think - no comment).
Vaccines go through such a long process before they're even got to the point of going through trial studies to be distributed to the public.If there were any problems they would take whatever it was off the market.The government isn't going to allow a vaccine that can potentially do any known detriment to your health.It's all about what you hear from media.If someone has some illness or new symptom, they naturally always have to rule out it wasn't to do with anything to do with a vaccination they had prior to that.This to me, is why people are always hearing how . caused. because they like to find a reason something happened, although this is an age-old dilemna like the many immunisation rumours that spread and put people off what has been thoroughly researched and gets much follow up to any side effects.Rumours, even once proven incorrect can do a lot of harm.

shadowzz, Dec 14, 12:12am
Ever tried to report "side" effects! Have you read a list of drugs taken off the market and how long it took for them to act. Have you read all the court settlements from "medical misadventure! Do you know any thing about natural immunity! Do you know that drug companies are only interested in patent medicines! Your post is one sided brain wash from the advertising department of one of the richest industries in the World.

bricksaw, Dec 14, 6:06am
It is the same with cot deaths, when I was researching vaccines years ago, vaccines were not taken into account if a baby died suddenly. It would seem a logical factor to take into account.Also about the same time Japan had delayed vaccines until the children turned 2yrs and their cot death rate dropped.Interesting fact.mrs bricksaw

tony9, Dec 14, 7:05am
It is garbage.CDC actually recommend the vaccine for pregnant women as they are more likely to die from Swine flu. http://miscarriage.about.com/od/miscarriagecauses/i/swine-flu-shots-h1n1-safety-in-pregnancy.htm

gemtau, Dec 14, 7:26am
"no study have ever found a link between flu shots and complications for the mom or baby. Past studies on influenza vaccination in the second and third trimesters have found that flu shots seem safe during pregnancy."

What they actuallymean is that they have taken no notice of the women who are convinced the flu jab caused their miscarriage and they've all been put down to "coincidence" how convenient.

You'd have to be seriously insane to have this or any jab during pregnancy and the usual feel good propaganda in the above article convinces you you're even more insane.

wasala, Dec 14, 7:31am
No, it is uninteresting fiction 'Mrs Bricksaw'. You can see it debunked completely here: http://www.drwile.com/lnkpages/render.asp!vac_SIDS

Why anyone would give credence to a nutty old paleontologist like Vera Schreiber is beyond me, but the bar for truth has never been high - if it exists at all - for those who can't grasp the concept of vaccines!

tony9, Dec 14, 7:52am
From the CDC site, they have found that about 1,000 women out of 500,000 would miscarry after a vaccine.About 1,000 would miscarry if they took a placebo believing it to be a vaccine, and 1,000 would miscarry if they took nothing.

nfh1, Dec 14, 7:53am
Why just post a link without commenting!

gemtau, Dec 14, 8:18am
Oh gosh how convenient I'm sure those parents whose babies have died only hours, days or weeks after a series of vaccinations will be very relieved.

The bar for truth has never been high - if it exists at all - for those who can't grasp the concept of basic good health without the need to inject unknown and unreliable substances into their children's or their own bodies!

gemtau, Dec 14, 8:21am
Oh well get rid of the vaccine and that's 1000 less women going through the trauma of miscarriage unnecessarily. But hey if the CDC says it's ok then it must be eh, snort!

henpen, Dec 14, 9:34am

dragongirl2, Dec 14, 11:06am
Somehow, I think the husband of a collegue of mine would not agree with you.She died while pregnant with the H1N1 virus.He lost is life partner, the mother of their children and the baby yet to be born.Would you seriously look him in the face and repeat what you are saying!

gemtau, Dec 14, 10:54pm
I am very sorry to hear of your colleagues tragic loss, however one woman dying of flu during pregnancy does not mean ALL pregnant women should risk miscarriage or stillbirth or their own health by taking the flu jab. As I said earlier they would be far better protected against, not only the flu, but many other infections if they took daily doses of vitamin D3, plenty of studies to show that the babies would be far better off too.

Sad that if you are effected by an illness it is so much more tragic than if you're effected by a vaccine, oh that's right they're just "collateral damage". Just as tragic for the family involved though.

ecat8, Dec 14, 11:33pm
Will vitamin D3 stop me getting polio, tetnus, and TB!
Will it mean my baby wont get whooping cough!
HepB, diptheria, pneumoccal disease, rubella!

pilch11, Dec 15, 8:23am
Maybe not but vitamin c in the right doses certainly will.Definitly no need for toxic poisons to be put into your body ie vaccines.

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