Grrrr lazy physio - need a new one in Christchurch

dunshoppin, Dec 19, 9:16am
Richard Janssen at Northlands medical is great as an osteo, no acc tho

js4sj, Dec 18, 11:57pm
its a month now since I visted physiosouth they said they would apply to ACC for additional treatment this came through on the 1st of this month (Dec) and physio is still saying no has not its still being looked at and ACC need more medical info I called ACC said what is happening they said its all approved and they send a reconfirming letter to them also but again no action of the request of mine for treatment. So I have given up I am wanting to know can anyone recommend a NEW physio to me! been to physiosouth before no issues like this but I get back pain that is really limiting so much lifting a 5L bucket is sore and also I get sore wrists and rib area. Wanting someone who is switched on really as this has been like this for 2yrs now and I am sick of it I am young and want to start a family in ayear or so and not cope with this.

uli, Dec 18, 11:59pm
You need to see a GOOD "cranial" osteopath - not a physio - and if its going on for so long especially so.

js4sj, Dec 19, 12:11am
I have always thought of physio as I don't want to be inany more "pain" from seeing them nor do I want to be kneaded like dough as the pain would be to great. likewise I am really intersted inthe possibility to have "cranial" osteopath in stead I just want some answers as the doctors are not helping either.

js4sj, Dec 19, 12:12am
its from a car accident I was orginally told physio would be best but I just don't care who really now as long as they don't just delay the ability to get some action!

uli, Dec 19, 12:19am
Maybe start a thread and ask for a good cranial osteopath in your area. I cannot comment on who to go to from here - sorry.

js4sj, Dec 19, 2:05am
I will do that if I can't find a good physio I sort of want a physio thats proactive and know that life is being limited!

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