Chemist perscriptions and IOU's

chphilp, Dec 19, 8:43am
I've sometimes had to get an IOU from my chemist as I get a large number of one type of tablet.I get told they'll get more in asap, it's on the sticker on the bottle, and I accept it as my responsibility to get them at a later date.I can't imagine the pharmacy keeps a pile of scripts aside so they can phone people when the extra meds come in.I get there's a lesson to be learned there

exadore, Dec 16, 7:07pm
I had a perscription filled a few months ago at my local chemist - for pills I use (but not that often).The script said 90 pills but they only supplied 40 at the time (not enough in stock).I went back this week to get my IOU (as was typed on the label of the bottle - Owe 50).They refused to give them to me as it was over 3 months !I explained that it was an IOU and not a repeat, and it was their "lack of stock" that I was back there to collect what was due.She still refused and said it was over 3 months old.HOW does an IOU from the chemist expire without you even knowing or being notified !Surely for good customer relations, they could have rung me to let me know the balance was available the following week.Has anyone else had this happen!If it is so-called "Chemist Law" surely it needs to be changed or customers to be made aware of it.I then asked them to pay for a new perscription - she just laughed !I am now p**** off.Through no fault of my own I will now be out of pocket again .

nfh1, Dec 16, 8:26pm
Three months is a long time to leave collecting the balance and if the prescription ceases to be valid after 90 days I don't suppose they had a choice.

I cannot see the laws being changed to enable people to collect their medication after 90 days to cover this as usually if the chemists do not have all of the medication it usually arrives really quickly.I collected a part prescription yesterday at 11.30am and the rest was available for collection after 3.00 pm!

e_babe, Dec 16, 11:15pm
It is this with all medication 90 days and it expires. If it was an IOU from our chemist they would have delivered the extra tablets to me in a few days time, I would not have left it until 90 days later, even if I didn't use them often.

exadore, Dec 17, 4:17am
A phone call would have been nice just as courtesy.I am not a person that takes pills daily - so remembering to pick up an IOU perscription was not a priority.Still - an IOU should not expire just due to time of pick up.Why can't they just re-instate the original perscription !

jag5, Dec 17, 4:38am
Having worked for a Pharmacy.the IOU'sare treated just the same as repeats.They expire after 90 days.And also, tables, once opened do have a limited life too.The balance of your script would have been made up as soon as they arrived, which was probably same day, or latest, next day.Therefore, they were deteriorating on the shelves waiting for you.

If you want the pills, the onus is on you to get them.Just the same if someone went back after 95 days and wanted the last of their repeats.sorry no can do.expired.

Some Chemists do deliver the remainder.but they do not have to and if they are a busy Pharmacy, such was ours, they don't have time.

So sorry, whinge all you like, and I hear what you are saying, but the onus was on you to get them sooner.

nfh1, Dec 17, 4:42am
If it was not a priority to you to collect, surely you cannot expect it to be a priority for the pharmacy.Sometimes you just have to take responsibility for your actions or inactions!

They cannot re-instate the original because it is out of date.

xxsaffyxx, Dec 17, 8:32am
Yes have had it happen to me, where the chemist would not give me what the doctor clearly indicated she wished me to have, for the simple reason that they interpreted the dose on a very conservative time table.It was a cream, and something that lasted me only six weeks, they decided was 3 months worth.They wouldn't even issue it as a repeat for me to come back for even though doctor had prescribed me plenty. so I had plenty to go on with in future.

I was really annoyed as I had to go back to the doctor and pay for another prescription (takes me an hour travel to get there).Chemist would even see reason or accept the obvious.It was really embarrassing as it was something quite personal.

nfh1, Dec 17, 8:51am
I think your situation is completely different.

If the Pharmacist thinks the prescription is incorrect they usually just ring the GP to check, I would have just asked them to do that.

dragongirl2, Dec 17, 9:07am
Interesting situation - I understand the 3 month limitation, but at the same time they are likely to have claimed a subsidy that indicates they have dispensed the whole amount (which they have not, so it would be false).Try ringing your practice nurse to explain the situation - they are very good at negotiating on your behalf, though there are limitations to what they can do.Good luck.

chem101, Dec 17, 9:55am
If the Pharmacy owes you this medication, then they owe you. there is no time limit in this instance.

It would be interesting to know whether they claimed reimbursement for 90 or 50, because if they claimed for 90 they'd be in trouble.

nfh1, Dec 17, 10:05am
Interesting, so you would just have to retain the balance for years!

What would happen if someone had a new prescription, would you dispense the balance and the new scrip together!

chem101, Dec 17, 10:22am
A Pharmacy has a legal obligation to ensure the balance is supplied within 24 hours or so. I'd have to look up the exact wording.

The Pharmacy should have dealt with this "owing" a long time ago - it is their responsibility.

chem101, Dec 17, 10:26am
. to answer this bit, they should never allow it to get this far, but yes, we'd have to dispense both but it depends on what the drug is as to how it would be done.

4pc, Dec 17, 10:44am
A prescription is only supposed to supply someone with 90days worth, so if the amount of medication dispensed lasted more than 90 days, then the recipient had received at least 90 days worth anyway, even without the balance of the owing.

This si aside from the issue of whether that balance is "yours" or not.

xxsaffyxx, Dec 18, 5:59am
Pharmacist did ring the doctor, but they still would only give me two lots.I'd explain more, but it's personal stuff I don't want to share.

nfh1, Dec 18, 7:14am
It seems really odd that the Pharmacist has the final say - you would think it would be the GP - not looking for further info!Just when you post on here it is second nature to ask questions!

bunnyclan, Dec 18, 8:03am
Wow, that post was a lot longer than I thought.Sorry about that.

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