Dental help

motherofmoo, Dec 18, 11:12pm
i had a tooth taken out, bottom left 3 weeks ago, and since then my mouth will only open 1 finger width and my chin has no feeling in it.
dont say go back to the dentist, hospital and gp i have done it all.
and nothing has helped.
has anyone else had this experience please
great diet because you cant eat
thanks for reading and your coments would be appreciated

bjg, Dec 18, 11:39pm
Don't know about the opening bit but the numb is nerve damage from either the extraction or the injection.The nerve they numb runs from the back of your jaw around to the front.Google paralysis from mandibular nerve block injection.

motherofmoo, Dec 18, 11:47pm
thanks for that, read it and it sounds like what has happened,
im going to gather all this info and go back to the gp and dentist,
i no it could be time but it may need futher help

any replies i am greatful for

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