STENT has anyone how this procdure!

petal89, Dec 17, 11:26pm
My mum had her stomach removed as had cancer in her tum, shes been in hospital for 4 5 weeks now she is doing well but has to have another (her 5th op) as fluid keeps seeping out of where they joined the intestine to the esophagus so has to hv a stent put in, has anyone had a stent put in after having op and did it help heal the wound etc! hope it helps so she can come home soon miss her sooo much

kp11, Dec 17, 11:36pm
A stent is basicly like a tube placed within a tube.The stent tube will go inside the esophagus tube thats leaking, to stop further leaking.They usually work very well.

petal89, Dec 18, 1:05am
Thank you Kp :-) jsut hope it works sux the join just not healing and then she gets fluid and infection hope it helps her

lillol, Dec 18, 1:25am
My son is about to have a stent put in his pancreas and it's only a fairly minor procedure. My Mum has stents put in her heart valves (or something like that). Modern technology is so amazing, I don't think stent operations are a big deal anymore, often they don't even have to actually operate. Although neither of them have been through what your poor Mum has been going through. Best of luck with your Mum and I hope she comes home really soon :)

petal89, Dec 18, 3:24am
Lillol thank you for your kind words yes i hope she does too cos so far she has done so well yes she has gone down hill a bit but bounces back up until fluid gets out n gets an infection. doctors reckon she should make full recovery

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