Has anyone had a Perforated Eardrum

yddac, Dec 18, 9:24am
and if so how long did it take to stop bleeding.Apparently I had a realy sore ear Thursday 9th and on Saturday night I woke up with blood all over my pillow.i contacted Dr and she couldn't see alot because eardrum was so full of blood. Dr said reason for heavy bleeding may also have been because I'm on warfarin. I'm on antibiotics but ear is still bleeding but not alot. i thought it would have stopped by now. My ear is driving me crazy because it sounds like continual ocean noises and am having difficulty hearing.So any information would be great thanks.

yddac, Dec 18, 10:37am
Anybody,perhaps your all asleep.

neryl1, Dec 18, 10:42am
no maybe google it

neryl1, Dec 18, 10:43am
maybe the 0800 healthline might know something

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