Elderly parents looking for doctor Henderson area

pal18, Dec 18, 10:52am
Their present doctor is in Avondale but it is becoming harder for them to drive to appointments and it is a 1 doctor practice and he isn't always able to see them quickly.
They have tried one practice close to their home but even enrolled the cost per visit is $50 and they can't afford to go as often as they should.
I have heard there are a couple of practices in the area where charges are low, but no one when pressed can say just who and where.
Does anyone in trademe land know! Suggestions would be most welcome.

olwen, Dec 18, 11:00am
Try this page http://www.healthwest.co.nz/practices/practices.aspHopefully it is up to date.

hardenbol, Dec 18, 12:18pm
dr teo at veras roadte atatu south tl care excellent dr and once enrolled it is 16 a visit

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