Norlex! Anyone tried it!

mumof2boyz, Dec 18, 9:24am
I got some the other day from doctor for muscle spasms but havent tried it yet.Just want to know if it works as I get annoying spasms in the evening.Also are there any side effects!

mumof2boyz, Dec 18, 9:24am
Oops that spose to be NORFLEX

yddac, Dec 18, 10:09am
Hi, i was on Norflex for muscle stiffness and spasms.I had no problems with it. The hospital make out a medication card for me that explains all my medications on it and special instructions and what to watch out for.Under Norflex it has:- May cause dizziness. take care with tasks requiring concentration especially driving. May cause dry mouth blurry vision or rash.See doctor if these are troublesome. The only thing I had was a very very dry mouth. hope that helps.

shelleigh, Dec 19, 12:09am
Has the doctor looked in to what is causing the spasms! Some people find a magnesium supplement helps as it is a muscle relaxant.

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