Revlon vs australis

demonandfairy, Dec 18, 10:34am

shelleigh, Dec 19, 12:13am
Revlon Colourstay is the only foundation I've worn that stays on when I get really hot.

coyoteblonde, Dec 19, 12:25am
I dont bother with foundation in summer, I go with tinted sunscreen moisturiser and a swipe of bronzer in all the right places. My fav is Mecca's In a Good Light SPF30 tinted moisturiser. Doesn't slide off, gives a gorgeous healthy look with pretty decent tinted coverage and I dont have to layer my face up with a separate sunscreen.

I use to use Revlon Colorstay Active, but it was negated by the sunscreen you would have to apply under it. I dont use anything under SPF 30.

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