Anyone know what the new advertised straightners

tracey1112, Dec 19, 5:48am
Hi , i have one .its good fo medium length hair ,great for flicks and curling your hair under od out. i dont think so good on long hair tho.
Warning they are hot hot hot and can burn your skin really badly so you have to be carefull,Son still has a scar on the back of his neck ,and I burnt my forhead doing my fringe lol

queenbee9, Dec 17, 4:48am
are called that are on the tv shop ad's!

roma-o-morte, Dec 17, 5:36am
Do you mean the ones with the oval end spinning impossibly on its axis! I really would like to see some to know how that can work. They show someone using GHDs really badly, slowly and deliberately crimping the hair. For that reason alone, if I was in the market for straighteners I think they are deceiving and wouldn't trust them to be good.

I think it was called InStyle or In-Style

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